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Auto Accidents and Injuries Chiropractic Care Broomfield Colorado

Optimal Health Chiropractic, Thornton, Westminster



auto accident chiropractic treatment Broomfield COStay away from the smaller cars, which put you and your passengers at a greater risk. Prior to your next car purchase, pay attention to the automobile's size and weight and consumers report evaluation. In addition, highlight the restraint system the car is equipped with, particularly the head and seat restraints and the number of airbags.


Adjusting your Head Rest. Research suggests that not having a head restraint is safer than using one in the lowest position, which is the default setting in roughly 80% of cars. Furthermore, restraints are not designed specifically for each unique individual, resulting in the majority of cars being designed for the average person. The best solution is to move your head rest to a safe position immediately after purchase or consider an additional (add-on) head restraint.



If you are able to brace prior to impact:


Injuries from auto accidents can cause severe injuries to the structures in your neck and lower back. Sometimes injuries such as whiplash injuries occur without severe initial signs and symptoms.



Follow the Doctor Orders: Ice your troubled area (neck or low back), keep well hydrated, utilize soft collars for support if needed, adjust your work station, and avoid aggravating the injured tissues; follow through with the doctors recommendations to keep the injury from becoming chronic.




What is whiplash?


Whiplash is an injury to the neck that is caused by sudden or violent jolting of the neck in one direction followed by another direction. Whiplash is most common in auto accidents but may also occur from falls, skiing injuries, or other sports related injuries.


What is the injury?


Whiplash injuries are sprain/strain injuries of the neck involving the muscles and ligaments that provide structure and support to the most vital part of your body. The cervical spine (neck) is vitally important in protecting the spinal cord and brain stem; whiplash injuries can compromise the integrity of the spinal cord and the spinal nerve roots which control everything in the human body.