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Our Mission

Optimal Health Chiropractic, Broomfield Colorado


Our mission is to help each individual restore and maintain a lifetime of optimal health. The tools used to accomplish this mission are specific chiropractic adjustments, ongoing education about true health, and an impeccable level of commitment.


Dr. Chris and Optimal Health Chiropractic Clinic hold true that individuals have the inborn ability to heal themselves when the body has optimal conditions to do so. Chiropractic helps create this condition by removing interferences to the nervous system allowing the body to do what it was innately created to do.


Our Purpose

To meet and exceed every patient's expectations with timely, friendly, quality service with chiropractic care and education. Keeping with these tenants will promote our patients shifting towards a lifetime of optimal health.


Our Goal 

To make our community the healthiest community on the planet one family at a time!